JACKIE, asbury teacher

“Hey Mike, we love the soup cleanse!!! Can I put four orders in for next week? Also, do you have a bag of the kale chips I can’t stop eating them!”

DANIELLE, btc member

“…the soups are amazing!!! Don’t let it go to your head you need to market this…hard to pick out a favorite but I would say the beet.”

BOBBY, financial planner

"Wow! Had to text you... Ever soup is so delicious!!! Looking forward to day 2! Thanks Again!"

CARRIE, wow member

"Having my last soup now as we speak... no cheating.. didn't need to! So far down 2 stubborn pounds I needed to lost but I be down a couple more tomorrow"

TAMMY, executive

"Everything I had so far is just wonderful. You will be hearing from me soon for more orders" 

MICHAEL, city employee

"just wanted to let you know I love all the soups, they are all delicious and so filling!"